Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall ~ Simon and Garfunkel

The mirror on my wall
Casts an image dark and small, but
I'm not sure at all it's my reflection.
I'm blinded by the light
Of God and truth and right
And I wander in the night without direction.

So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And flowers never bend
With the rainfall.

~~Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall~~

--Simon and Garfunkel--

Saturday, February 18, 2012

...And We're on the Air!

Greetings Kats and Kittens, and welcome to my brand new blog all about my vinyl collection. I expect the posts will be shorter and more frequent than my homeblog Things I have Read, but this will be a great place to kick back and read about some of those classic tunes.

Alright! Catch you on the flip side fellow web surfers!

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